Installing MS Word in AppStream Image Builder and license type required for MS Office to run in App Stream instance.


I need to run MS Word in AppStream instance, wanted to understand what license type is required and can it be subscribed through AWS or BOYL?

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My 2 cents -

  • Licensing of applications - Regarding your ability to run Microsoft Office on AWS(AppStream or WorkSpaces or on EC2) depends on your company's licensing agreement with Microsoft. Please check with your MS licensing specialist as there are certain nuances depending on when you have procured your MS Office.
  • Plus bundle - WorkSpaces offers "plus bundle" for additional fee which offers 64-bit Microsoft Office 2019 on Window Server 2019 powered WorkSpaces. For AppStream, please check with your AWS Solution Architect for more guidance.
  • Alternatives - You may also consider web version of Microsoft Office, Libre Office or OpenOffice.
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