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my goal is to build a live stream pipeline, that lets you playback the entire event (like YT Live does), customers should be able to rewind the stream to see from the beginning even when the stream is broadcasting live.

I've already set up the AWS Media Live & AWS Media Package which works well, however, the maximum Manifest window duration I can set is 300 seconds which doesn't match my expectations i wanna be able to playback the entire live event.

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Thanks for your question. AWS MediaPackage offers the ability to provide a Time-Shift and Start-Over viewing of live streams. This is accomplished, in part, by the Startover Window parameter for an Endpoint. MediaPackage can define up to a 14 day buffer for streams, which can be read during and after a live event. This is different than the Manifest window, which defines the size of the current live manifest. Live streaming manifests will typically delete the oldest and add the newest segment every segment duration. The Live Playlist window for each endpoint can be configured.

Please review the MediaPackage Time-Shifted Viewing information here

If you desire to have the content viewed beyond the Startover Window period, MediaPackage has a Harvesting function that can copy the stream to an S3 bucket. The bucket will then become the origin for any On-Demand viewing.

Harvest Job details can be found here.

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