Configure Route 53 domain to new version Amplify app


I have a domain registered in Route 53 and an app hosted in old Amplify. I configure the alias of domain's A record type to the cloudfront of the Amplify app which worked.

Now since I need advanced features such as SSR, I built a new Amplify version app (which shows preview). But I can't find the cloudfront of the new app so that I can't change the A record type to new cloudfront. Then I tried to add CNAME record type which doesn't allow me and the error message is (InvalidChangeBatch 400: RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name is not permitted at apex in zone).

So, my question is how can I change the domain redirect to my new app.

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The zone apex record cannot be a CNAME, so in these circumstances use an ALIAS record to point to an AWS resource

Unlike a CNAME record, you can create an alias record at the top node of a DNS namespace, also known as the zone apex. For example, if you register the DNS name, the zone apex is You can't create a CNAME record for, but you can create an alias record for that routes traffic to (as long as the record type for is not of type CNAME).

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