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Hey there, I keep getting emails that I have exceeded 85% of the space on my AWS Free Tier account. However, I have ensured that I am well below this limit, and yet I keep getting charged every month. For example, on 9th April I received an email saying that my Free-Tier Usage is "4.73675408 GB-Mo", but given the files that I have uploaded, I don't see how this has been calculated. Please could you explain? Thank you.

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Review your AWS usage: Log in to your AWS Management Console and navigate to the "Billing & Cost Management" dashboard. Here, you can view detailed usage reports and see which services are accruing charges.

Check specific service usage: Look for any services or resources that might be unexpectedly consuming resources. For example, it's possible that a service you're using is not covered by the Free Tier, or that you've inadvertently exceeded the Free Tier limits for certain services.

Examine storage usage: Since you mentioned receiving alerts about storage usage, focus on storage-related services like Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Check the size and number of objects stored in your buckets to ensure they align with your expectations.

Review billing alerts: AWS provides billing alerts that can notify you when your costs exceed certain thresholds. Make sure your billing alerts are correctly configured to notify you when you're approaching the Free Tier limits.

Contact AWS Support: If you're still unable to identify the source of the charges or if you believe there's an error, reach out to AWS Support for assistance. They can help investigate your usage and provide clarification on any charges you've incurred.

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Hi sarahwhite

  • Understanding Free Tier Limits: AWS Free Tier offers certain resources and usage amounts for free within specified limits. These limits include services like Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), etc. Exceeding these limits could result in charges.
  • **Calculating Usage: **AWS calculates usage based on various factors, including storage capacity, data transfer, request counts, etc. For Amazon S3, storage usage is calculated based on the total amount of data stored, including object sizes, storage class, and any additional features used (like versioning, replication, etc.).
  • **Checking Usage: **To understand how your usage is being calculated, you can check the AWS Management Console. Navigate to the Billing & Cost Management dashboard and review the detailed billing reports. These reports provide insights into your usage across different AWS services and regions.
  • Reviewing Charges: If you're receiving charges despite being within the Free Tier limits, it's essential to review your usage and understand which services or actions are causing the charges. Look for any unexpected usage patterns or services that might be generating costs.
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Hi sarahwhite,

If you're receiving alerts indicating that you're nearing the AWS Free Tier limit despite your calculations showing otherwise, it's essential to conduct a thorough review of your AWS services usage. Begin by double-checking your usage across all AWS services to ensure accurate tracking. Remember to verify that you're only utilizing services that fall within the AWS Free Tier, as certain features or usage beyond free tier limits may incur charges. Pay special attention to storage usage across services like Amazon S3 and EBS volumes, as well as data transfer activities, which can contribute to unexpected charges. Utilize tools such as AWS Cost Explorer and the Billing Dashboard to analyze your usage patterns and identify any spikes or anomalies. If you're unable to pinpoint the source of the issue, consider reaching out to AWS Support for assistance. By diligently monitoring your AWS usage and investigating any discrepancies, you can effectively manage your costs and stay within the Free Tier limits.

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Free Tier Eligible Services: Make sure that the services you're using are eligible for the AWS Free Tier. Not all AWS services are covered by the Free Tier, and usage beyond the Free Tier limits for non-eligible services will incur charges.

Billing Dashboard: Review your AWS Billing Dashboard to get a detailed breakdown of your usage and charges. This can help you identify which services are contributing to the charges and where you might need to optimize or adjust usage.

Contact AWS Support: If you're still unsure about the charges or need further clarification, you can reach out to AWS Support for assistance. They can provide insights into your usage patterns and help you understand the charges you're receiving.

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