What is the best way to rename folders in AWS S3


Hi Experts,

The question is right in title.

I would like to know about an approach that could be best in terms of performance and preserving the empty folders for renaming folders. I've tried CLI but somehow it keeps the empty folders intact and doesn't move them over to the new directory.

Any help would be appreciated.

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There is no direct way to rename a file or folder in S3. What you have to do is copy the existing file with a new name and delete the old one. For example:

aws s3 --recursive mv s3://<bucketname>/<folder_name_from> s3://<bucket>/<folder_name_to>

The same thing can be completed through the AWS Console, but you specifically called out performance, so CLI would be the way to go, especially if there's hundreds/thousands of files or folders.

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What worked for me to rename an empty S3 folder was aws s3 mv s3://bucket-name/folder-name/ s3://bucket-name/folder-new-name/

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