AWS SDK Documentation is a mess


I am busy doing an implementation of Cognito and am wanting to use the aws-sdk for node.js. From the aws console I make my way to the node.js web app page and it takes me to the developer guide. Clicking on the CognitoIdentityClient hyperlink on the first page takes me to a "Looking for Something?" page because that link does not exist. That means that most of the developer guide is out of date. Some of the links to the API docs take me to the old API docs, some to the new. Once I finally find the "AWS SDK for JavaScript v3" I then click on @aws-sdk/cognito-identity which I have used before in this project. That takes me into a loop of the page endlessly reloading. The same happens with @aws-sdk/cognito-identity-provider. I eventually find @aws-sdk/credential-providers and that takes me to a completely different site ( for the docs for that. I guess my question is "How is a developer supposed to navigate the docs if the docs are not up to date and are not intuitive?".

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For the full documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 you should use

When needing to find document, you should use to find the latest documentation for AWS services, SDKs, Toolsets, etc.

If you do find an issue, please post the URL and issue so we can work at fixing the problem.

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