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Hello AWS members! I created EFS filesystem which i what to be accessed by 2 lightsail instance. EFS is created in eu-central Frankfurt but lightsail instance is in London. Unfortunately i having issue connecting those too. any help would be highly appreciated ! OS ubuntu 20 Command mount -t efs -o tls,accesspoint=fsap-0xxxxxxxxxfd fs-0e5xxxxxxxxxxx78 /opt/efs/ output is Failed to resolve "fs-xxxxxx78.efs.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com". The file system mount target ip address cannot be found, please pass mount target ip address via mount optio The file system fs-0e5xxxxxxxxx78 is not found What i tested so far is to add IP in hosts file, setup security group. Tried attaching with different (dns/ip) methods provided in aws docs. also i played around with aws efs describe-mount-targets --file-system-id fs-0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 outputs

"MountTargets": [ { "OwnerId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "MountTargetId": "fsmt-00xxxxxxxxxxxxx17", "FileSystemId": "fs-0e5xxxxxxxxxxx78", "SubnetId": "subnet-2xxxxxx4", "LifeCycleState": "available", "IpAddress": "xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", "NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-0xxxxxxx0", "AvailabilityZoneId": "euc1-az1", "AvailabilityZoneName": "eu-central-1c" }, But no luck.

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If Lightsail supports VPC peering you should be able to connect an EFS file system from EC2 instances in other AWS regions using an inter-region VPC peering connection.

AWS has a walkthrough of how you would mount a filesystem from a different vpc.

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