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I am trying, desperately, to do a simple upload of a sub folder on my MS OneDrive to AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive. I have not been able to find a simple way to do this. I have investigated Veeam as an option, but I can't get away from the technical "gibberish" that seems to plague the AWS backup space. Is there a way to do a simple upload to AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive in a simple manner? HELP!!!

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I understand that you want to know if there are any AWS services that allow you to automate the process of easy uploading from OneDrive to S3 glacier storage class.

There are currently no AWS services that supports data migration/copying from sources like the one you’ve mentioned to S3 buckets, but there are some third-party applications/services which may fulfill these tasks (including doing so autonomously daily). You can search through the AWS Marketplace for such third-party applications/services [1]. While products on the AWS Marketplace are not supported by Premium Support and aren't official recommendations, these are some example products that may help you achieve your goal here:

  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 [2]
  • Cloudsfer [3]

Additionally, you can also choose to create a script set as a CRON job where its scheduled to run and perform the data migration/copying tasks daily, cronjob can be created with the Office 365 CLI for Powershell and AWS CLI for Powershell [4].

Open up a PowerShell session and install the CLI using npm : PS > npm install @pnp/office365-cli -g Read more on the above and follow the resource[4] to get started.

If you otherwise have files from those sources that need to be copied into your S3 buckets soon, you can first download those files to your environment and use the AWS CLI to manually issue copy operations [5].

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