Route all traffic from on-premise network to AWS VPC via IPSec site-to-site


I'm going to build my whole datacenter on private subnet AWS VPC (LDAP, RADIUS, Database, etc.)
I want all traffic from on-premise network goes to the AWS VPC, then to the Internet.
Now I can successfully connect to my EC2 database server in the private subnet via IPSec site-to-site connection, but cannot connect to the Internet.
The Internet traffic is already forwarded by the customer gateway.
Any idea, help or suggestion about the infrastructure is really appreciate !!!

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You will not be able to access the Internet based on the diagram you provided due to transitive peering not supported:

However, it appears that you can re-architect your system to use the Transit Gateway, which will allow you to route on-premise Internet traffic through your AWS site-to-site VPN:

Hope this helps,

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