How can i get a notification that a deployment has completed on greengrass device


I'd like to be able to get a notification in a greengrass component that a deployment version has been updated or revised - how might this be possible ?

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Hi majh. I'm not clear what event you want to capture, but individual components can use this API to be notified about changes coming in a deployment:

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  • Hi Greg - basically what I want to do is:

    • Query on the device what greengrass deployment (or deployments) are currently running.
    • So ideally I would be able to query some type of deployment status - rather than individual component status. Is something like this possible ?
    • Also would be good to be able to subscribe to some sort of status event, to get updates about deployments changing etc, so polling isn't necessary.
  • These are all the available event streams: The events from SubscribeToComponentUpdates gives you the deployment ID. You could use HARD dependencies to make one of your components always be the last to be processed in a deployment. So it could be a proxy for the whole deployment.



Here is the documentation explaining how you can configure notifications using AWS event bridge and Amazon SNS:

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  • Thanks for your response - but isn't this calling a backend API ? Isn't there any device side mechanism to get such notifications ?

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