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Hello everyone! Currently I am working on a multiplayer game, while testing online matches using c5.xlarge fleets, I’ve found out that at least in the us-east-1 region the maximum number of instances is 15 for that instance type in that specific region, we know that AWS allow us to request a quota increase for it.

Example case: Assuming we have 2 active fleets, what happens if both fleets are full and there are players wanting to join a game session, we use Flexmatch matchmaking and we know that a matchmaking ticket can wait until a game session is available for a player, but how could we create new fleets based on player demand so there will be always a game session available?.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to automatically create additional fleets when needed based on some metrics?
  2. Does GameLift have an auto scaler for fleets or could we use a similar AWS service for that purpose, like creating new fleets when needed?
  3. Or are there any recommendations in a way to solve this requirement?

Thank you everyone for your help beforehand.

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You can enable auto-scaling on a single fleet to ensure there is always sufficient capacity to meet increasing demand for game sessions. Please refer

For your use case, you could configure Target based auto-scaling which scales a fleet capacity based on the PercentAvailableGameSessions metric. If you need more fine grained control you could also look into using Rule based auto-scaling policy.


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