Custom endpoint not redirecting to domain endpoint in opensearch


I have created a custom endpoint along with DNS hostname and certificate. The old default domain is working(when I ping) but not the custom endpoint. I tried creating a CNAME but it says [RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name is not permitted at apex in zone] There is no load balancer being used for my Opensearch. Is there any other way I can redirect the traffic to the custom endpoint? For ARecord, I can only see that we require a load balancer.

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Reading the error (and checking premium support page), it appears you're trying to use a CNAME at zone apex? Can't do that in R53, it requires an A record instead.

CNAME allows you to alias to another record in the hosted zone, A record allows you to point to a lot of things (including but not limited to IP4 addresses, and Alias to a VPC endpoint).

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