Cannot connect to Lightsale after reboot


I received an email saying that my lightsale instance would be going offline for maintenance from AWS. I have tried to restart/reboot and it says that it is running but I cannot connect online. I believe the problem is connecting to the domain but it wont allow me to assign to the domain it was connected to before the maintenance

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You may want to check that the server still has the same IP address after it was rebooted. If the IP address changed, you will need to update your domain records to reflect the new IP address.

It's also not clear how you're trying to connect to the lightsail instance. Are you attempting to SSH to it? Are you trying to access a web server? Additional details would be helpful.

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  • Hey Chris, Thank you for your answer. I have assigned a static ip to the instance and the domains but it is still not working. Connecting is not an issue. I believe its the domain

  • Hi JT, is the domain resolving to the IP address you've set on the lightsail instance? You can verify this using a terminal and pinging the domain name to check if the proper IP address resolves.

  • Hi Chris,

    Pinging the domain name gives back a the same IP address and times out. Also pinging the ip address of the lighstail server give a request timeout as well. Typing the lightsail ip in the browser returns the website that I want to see....

    Any suggestions

  • Update your domain to point to the new IP address of the Lightsail Server. By default, ICMP/Ping is blocked within the security group which is why it's timing out, and that's fine. The most important thing is ensuring your domain IP and the lightsail IP are the same.


That was it... Thank you again

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