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/What are the recommended data integration tools for NetSuite ERP?/

What are the recommended data integration tools for NetSuite ERP?


A customer is interested in doing analytics using the data stored in multiple platforms like NetSuite ERP and Magenta (RDS MariaDB db backend) in AWS. They are looking to integrate the data (about 8 millions of rows but not sure of the data size) to Redshift and/or S3 so they can get started on using analytics services in AWS.

Are they any recommended data integration tools for NetSuite ERP? They have used Celigo in the past but they said they don't recommend the tool for anybody. I have heard about Matillion, Dell Boomi, or other solutions using AWS Glue but I would like to know if I there is any specific tools we usually recommend to the customer. If you can share pros/cons of each of those tools, that will be very helpful as well.

I appreciate your insights!

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Accepted Answer

Dell Boomi (


  • Considered by many to be one of the most robust and complete solutions
  • Boomi provides ample documentation, training, and support; allowing users to work through tough problems
  • Boomi delivers top-notch security, allowing you to rest assured that your information is protected and proactively guarded against new threats
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for new users


  • Some technical skills required – analysts can build and troubleshoot but must have some training first
  • Cost can be prohibitive – Reviewers rated Boomi in the 96th percentile when it comes to costs
  • Development is all graphic based. This can be a hang up to people with development knowledge
  • A lack of community
  • Debugging is not as easy as other platforms

Jitterbit (


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Most value of any IPaaS (Jitterbit is priced at 36th percentile in the IPaaS market)
  • Intuitive for developers to quickly and easily pick up
  • Simple enough for non-tech analysts to learn with some training
  • Flexible – allowing developers to add custom logic
  • Perfect for SalesForce/NetSuite integrations


  • Documentation and training materials can be improved
  • Not as easy to create logic in Jitterbit as a full ETL tool such as Informix
  • Version issues can occur when
answered 2 years ago

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