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Guys, I am doing a POC for MediaLive. I used AWS test endpoints contained HLS video: I created input and output groups from Live Event MediaPackage template etc. Created channel. Endpoints are accessible. However when I go to preview, I can see only 60sec of the stream played in loop. Is there any magic behind which I missed? Thanks, T

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The AWS MediaPackage Preview will only run for a short time. If you want to validate that your live channel is operational, copy the MediaPackage Endpoint URL to a player and confirm that the stream is playing consistently. NOTE: MediaPackage Endpoint URLs should not be used for broad distribution. MediaPackage is an origin service that should be behind a CDN, such as Amazon CloudFront. CDNs have global distribution abilities. A CloudFront Distribution should use the MediaPackage Endpoint URL as it's defined origin.

You may also want to confirm that the AWS MediaLive is configured to loop on the source you are using. The Input on MediaLIve should be defined as HLS. Also, under General Input Settings, Source End Behavior should be set to Loop.

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  • Thanks you, got it.

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