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No instance with 8GiB RAM ?



I wonder why there is no available instance with 8GiB RAM (us-east).
There is a gap between 4GiB (db.t3.medium) and 16 GiB (db.r5.large) RAM.
Do you plan to add an instance in between ? It would be quite useful.

Thanks !

asked 3 years ago4 views
2 Answers

So probably never ?

answered 3 years ago

It really depends on how much demand there is for this. Aurora performance is very heavily dependent on tuning for particular memory sizes as this is key to the level of asynchronous I/O Aurora performs. So supporting different memory sizes, in addition to different instance families, is very resource intensive. That also means each new release has to be re-checked on each instance type to make sure performance has not been degraded, making it an ongoing resource drain rather than a one time thing. As a result supporting instance types for which there is little apparent demand loses out to applying those resources to higher priority customer requirements. Bottom line, if they are hearing a lot of customer requests for 8GiB they'll do it, but otherwise probably not.

Even if this is in the plans, AWS rarely publicly discloses those plans.

answered 3 years ago

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