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Black stream in case input loss on elemental encoder


I am facing an issue with my live streaming. I have set up 2 elemental encoders for RTMP push to Youtube. Issue I am having is in case of input loss, my encoder is pushing black video to endpoint.

I have backup setup on different encoder. I want the RTMP push to pause on primary in case input loss is there, not emit black frames.

The problem with emitting black frames is that, connection is alive between my encoder and youtube, hence Youtube does not failover.

When I will achieve pause the stream push, YT will switch to the secondary input stream.

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This is an expected behaviour for RTMP output. When input loss, it triggers the input loss behaviour to push either black/color image or slate image that is defined. Unfortunately, there is no option to pause RTMP output when input loss.

If you would like to achieve this, my suggestion is to implement a script to monitor the input alert using the email notification or web callback URL and send a REST API to start/stop when an alert is raised. You can enable notification under Global Processors > Notification.

For example, if you receive an input alert, send a stop output API to stop the RTMP output and when input alert is cleared, send an start output API to resume RTMP output.

  • /live_events/<id>/stop_output
  • /live_events/<id>/start_output


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answered a year ago

I already have alerts configured for input loss. Just wanted to eliminate the manual intervention of start/stop in case of input loss.

Currently we are practicing the same manual start stop in that case. Since we do not have this feature for RTMP push, thanks for the clarification.

answered a year ago

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