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SPF selector for DNS record


one of our vendors sent me this:

In the meantime, is it possible to get the SPF selector for the DNS records we need to create for DKIM? I can submit the request and at least start the process on that piece if you can let me know what SPF selector to use.

where can i find this spf selector, in the AWS console.. we need to connect an app to Saml SSO with Okta, our dNS records are from AWS

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AWS uses TXT as a record type for DNS under the Route 53 service. You need to copy the value of the generated SPF record inside a TXT entry following the instructions on this link:

For DKIM, it works the same, you need to set up the DKIM contents inside a TXT record. If you have problems with the record length you can split it as discussed in this post

answered 3 months ago
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reviewed 3 months ago
  • As Nissyangel points it out SPF and DKIM information are actually DNS TXT records.

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