Get SSO user status, mfa via API


Hi. I am wondering if there is a way to get programatically status, mfa of SSO user?

I know that in Automatic provisioning using the SCIM url, token i can get status of users. But i do not see the way how programatically i can get the SCIM URL and token to make such request.

Haven't found any info about how to get SSO user mfa. Is this possible at all?

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It looks like you are using SCIM, which means you have an external identity provider connected with Identity Center. In that case, MFA (or not) is not handled by Identity Center, it is handled by your external identity provider. So even if there is an API, it wouldn't be applicable in that scenario. MFA information is visible on the console, if you use Identity Center itself as the Identity Source. You can get the SCIM URL and token form the console. No API.

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answered 14 days ago
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AWS SSO itself does not provide a direct API to retrieve MFA settings for users.

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answered 17 days ago

Can i get SSO user status? I need to know user is active or disabled.

answered 14 days ago

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