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How can I consume metadata for a KVS stream using Python?


We understand that using Python for consuming a KVS stream is not recommended but were able to put together some code that consumes the stream in chunks using the GetMedia API and also decode some of the KVS metadata like "AWS_KINESISVIDEO_FRAGMENT_NUMBER" and "AWS_KINESISVIDEO_SERVER_TIMESTAMP" with help from this issue. However, when we push custom metadata, we are unable to read it on the python consumer. We tried reading the same on the AWS Java consumer found here and were successful. Is it possible to read this metadata on Python? If so, do you have any suggestions?

  • As part of your request, are you consuming the KVS stream as an HLS session, or are you calling one of the other APIs such as GetMedia to download clips?

  • Hi David! I've edited the question to mention that we're using the GetMedia API via boto3

  • Is your code somewhere I could look at it, such as Github?

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