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Can I merge subtitles with MP4 in AWS transcribe?


I created a transcription JSON file (not sure what I can do with it; but I am still learning) and SRT subtitles for MP4 file in S3 bucket. Now, I obviously want to merge the two, so I can show the video with subtitles. Can I do it inside Amazon Transcribe? I know there are third-party tools to do that; but I would prefer to have a single workflow to do everything. I couldn't find anything in the docs - just a very short section on how to generate subtitles.

UPDATE: I tried to create a job in AWS Elemental MediaConvert, and got the following error: Media target [1] cannot convert non-EIA-608 to EIA-608 (invalid conversion from SRT to Embedded attempted)

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You cannot do it directly from Transcribe, you would need to use AWS Elemental MediaConvert (Caption Selector, external file) to do that :

Please refer to this document for a list of supported caption workflows for sidecar captions support : You can see that the supported caption output formats are all text-based (IMSC, WebVTT, TTML for example), not embedded like EIA-608.

You can automate this workflow using EventBridge to trigger the MediaConvert job as soon as the Transcribe job is finished :

answered 8 months ago

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