Unable to create a domain in sagemaker


Hi..i just created a frer tier account and trying to fire up sagemaker...when i try to create the domain...i get the following error: ResourceLimitExceeded The account-level service limit 'Total domains' is 0 Domains, with current utilization of 0 Domains and a request delta of 1 Domains. Only 0 Domains is supported. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/sagemaker.html#limits_sagemaker for more details.

Not sure whats going on...PLease help.

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Hi Fahad, it looks like you don't have enough quotas to create a domain. What region are you in? You can request a limit increase through the service quotas console, for example, for us-east-1, go to https://us-east-1.console.aws.amazon.com/servicequotas/home/services/sagemaker/quotas, and search for 'domains', and increase the limit to 1. It would be automatically approved, and you can create the domain once approval is complete.

answered a month ago
  • Hello..thanks for replying !

    I am in west eu region..selecting frankfurt...i did try to increase the quota to 1 and later 2 also..that didnt help

    Is it the region issue ?


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