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/AWS Glue 3.0 Docker Image - can we increase SPARK configurations ?/

AWS Glue 3.0 Docker Image - can we increase SPARK configurations ?


My Spark code is running extremely slow and either timing out or not running at all . I though have just 4 records in the source S3 bucket that I am trying to process. Can anyone suggest if we can increase the SPARK power in the docker to make it run faster ?

I am using the AWS Glue 3 Docker instance to set up my local environment. I am using a notebook to submit the jobs and being a newbie , do not know how to change the spark-submit configuration in this env

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If you are using a Jupyter notebook with your Glue docker image, then you can use Spark magic command %%configure to set the Spark's driver and executor memory/vcores depending on your system/computer.

You can get a list of available spark magic commands by simply running %help in a cell

The command looks something like below


You can get list of configurable Spark parameters from here

answered a month ago

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