Can't modify RDS instance class



Using AWS RDS Aurora (mysql 5.7 2.10.2), in ca-central-1. Currently a r5.4xlarge. Status is green/available.

Trying to change the instance class as I'm usually doing on weekends, but I can't. Under DB Instance class, it says "This fields is required".. but textbox is completely empty, I don't see anything, no choice at all, even if I thick "Include previous generation classes".

Is somebody anywhere of any issues in ca-central-1 ?


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I've seen where the console would not populate the dropdown. Can you switch to another browser and see if the behavior is the same? Also try to change with the CLI, see: modify-db-instance

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answered 8 months ago

Usually, vertical scaling should be straightforward, however, if you are selecting some of the new RDS instance types. You might have to check the upgrade path, it is usually the combination of engine version support to instance class type. That is just one aspect there could be more on how to troubleshoot to solve the above problem. Can you update your question with from which Instance class type to which Instance class type you are trying to upgrade along with current engine version

answered 8 months ago

Finally, it was a GUI/browser thing. Today everything looks fine. Kinda weird.

I was actually going from r5.4xlarge to a T3.medium.. to save money :)

Thanks for your help !

answered 8 months ago

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