How to Create an AWS Kinesis Stream and Put Data into the Stream Using Python Boto3?


I've been working with AWS Kinesis and I want to automate the creation of a Kinesis stream and the insertion of data into the stream using Python and Boto3. I have setup AWS SDKs and have necessary access. Could someone provide me with a step-by-step code snippet on how to achieve this?

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The examples in the following documentation may be helpful for creating a Kinesis Stream and writing records.

The stream is created using create_stream() and the record is written using put_record().
Also, although not mentioned in this document, put_records() can be used to register multiple records at once.

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answered a year ago
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install boto3 then you can use the following code as an example

import time
import boto3
import json

# Create a session
session = boto3.Session(
    region_name='us-west-2'  # or your preferred region

# Create a Kinesis resource
kinesis = session.resource('kinesis')

# Name of your stream
stream_name = 'MyNewStream'

# Create a stream
stream = kinesis.create_stream(
    ShardCount=1  # Modify as per your requirements

# Waiting for the stream to become active
while True:
    stream.reload()  # Refresh stream status
    if stream.status == 'ACTIVE':
    print('Waiting for stream to become active...')

# Sample data to put into stream
data = {
    'message': 'Hello from AWS Kinesis!'

# Convert data to JSON format
data_as_json = json.dumps(data)

# Put data into stream
response = kinesis.meta.client.put_record(
    PartitionKey='partitionkey'  # Replace with your own partition key

print('Data inserted into stream: ', response)
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answered a year ago

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