Issue building Control tower landing zone on a new account - AWS Control Tower setup failed. Be sure your account is subscribed to the AWS EC2 service, then try again


Hello, I am facing the following issue while trying to launch a control tower landing zone in a new AWS account:

AWS Control Tower failed to set up your landing zone completely: AWS Control Tower setup failed. Be sure your account is subscribed to the AWS EC2 service, then try again. If this error persists, contact AWS Support. Learn more

The account was created over 3 days but never used.

So in the first attempt, I received the error and then I found the question and comments in, then I tried to launch an instance and wait for over 30 to 60 minutes and retry, but without success.

Also, unless the Control tower is blocked by default, I don't think I am going over any quotas as there was no usage in the account.

So far, I can see the following resources created but no logs:

AWS organization and proposed 2 OUs 2 Security accounts AWS SSO with my user.

As I don't have a paid support plan, I am unable to contact the support directly, is there any other step that you suggest I take? I really would like to avoid having to recreate the setup.

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As it turns out, the issue was caused by a payment method processing issue. I had an issue with main card of the root account and even after fixing it I was unable to proceed.

After checking some services in the child accounts (audit and log archive), I received an activation screen message.

After contacting AWS Account activate support, they recommended making any change to the payment method, like a simple dot in the address line. That fixed the issue, I received activation notification for both log and audit accounts and was able to proceed with control tower configuration.

answered 2 years ago
  • I followed this procedure and it worked for me.

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