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DISTINCT PATHS #from urn:stardog:tutorials:paths:1.0:paths-tutorial-data    START ?x {        ?x a dm:Investor ;           dm:name "Wake Finance" .        ?x rdfs:label ?name .    }    END ?y {        ?y rdfs:label "Bob Sawyer" .        ?y rdfs:label ?namey .    }    VIA {        {?x ?p ?y} UNION {?y ?p ?x}        ?p rdfs:label ?title .    } can this query work in aws Neptune using sparql magic command.

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Neptune supports SPARQL via the SPARQL 1.1 w3c specification. As noted here:

What you're referring to above is not part of the SPARQL 1.1 specification and is something custom within Stardog:

Path finding queries are generally easier to express in the Property Graph query languages (Gremlin and openCypher):

If you're use case's primary function requires path finding, then we generally recommend to use Neptune to host a Property Graph instead of an RDF graph.

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