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/Why do the AWS Pinpoint endpoints become INACTIVE without making them so?/

Why do the AWS Pinpoint endpoints become INACTIVE without making them so?



I am using the AWS JavaScript SDK to create endpoints. I have an AWS Lambda which has logic that creates an endpoints. I call the Lambda via GraphQL when a user is created so that the user gets an endpoint on creation. I setup the all users to have an active endpoint but literaly after a few minutes of creation every user's endpoint becomes INACTIVE. Why is that the case?

Here is the code I use to create the endpoint:

const { Pinpoint } = require("aws-sdk");
const AWS = require("aws-sdk")
const pinpoint = new AWS.Pinpoint(); 

exports.handler = async (event) => {
    const marketing =;
    const typeAction = event.arguments.typeAction;
    const endpointAddress = event.arguments.address;
    const projectId = projectID;
    const valueAction = event.arguments.valueAction;

    const endpointID = generateEndpointID(20);

    const params = {
        ApplicationId: projectId, /* required */
        EndpointId: endpointID, /* required */
        EndpointRequest: { /* required */
          Address: endpointAddress,
          Attributes: {
            typeAction : [typeAction],
            valueAction : [valueAction],
            marketing : [marketing],
          ChannelType: "EMAIL",
          EndpointStatus: 'ACTIVE',
          OptOut: 'NONE',
          User: {
            UserAttributes: {
            UserId: endpointAddress

    const pinpointRes = await pinpoint.updateEndpoint(params).promise().catch(er=> {console.log(er)});
    return endpointID;
1 Answers

Amazon Pinpoint automatically sets this value to INACTIVE if you update another endpoint that has the same address specified by the Address property.


Please see for every email address once endpoint is created, after few mins somewhere in the flow creates/updates endpoint for the same email address.

answered 21 days ago

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