Using PartiQL with DAX client for dynamodb


If we use only PartiQL for Dynamodb calls, do the calls get automatically routed via DAX because we are using DAX cache also in front of some of our tables.

Basically how to use PartiQL along with DAX


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DAX Clients do not yet provide support for PartiQL API's. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA on when it will be released.

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answered a year ago

The usage of PartiQL and Dax are two different use cases. One is for easier exploratory queries and one is for improved performance. If the users that are using the PartiQL interface feel any issue with the performance of some of their queries, it is a good opportunity to work with them on performance such as a query instead of a scan, adding secondary indexes, or using Dax.

This may look as not answering the question, however, from my experience using DynamoDB for many years, it can indicate that you are not using it in an optimal way. It is easy to take a tool and try to use it for all problems, in the same way, disregarding the benefits of each tool or feature. DynamoDB evolved over the year to cover more of the features that you could only get in a relational database such as Oracle or MySQL. Features such as Secondary Index, Point-in-time-recovery, SQL interface, and cache. The two latter are not related in any way and they are serving different needs as I tried to highlight above. It is fine to want to get the SQL-like query to go through the cache, but I believe that you can get better cost-performance in other ways. I suggest that you ask why do I want to support that and then see if you can get the result in a different (better) way.

The indication from the product team that they don't support this combination indicates that they also don't see this as a high-priority feature. If you think differently, please explain the use case and we can examine the alternatives, or decide that it should be implemented earlier.

answered a year ago

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