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Am new to IoT Twin Maker. I have an entity that has a component with properties humidity and temperature. Am able to test this component and am getting results successfully. I need to write a Lambda function that will ready this JSON, do a formatting and expose the JSON via REST API. What steps should I follow? Any sample code would help.

I tried creating a lambda function as

response = client.get_property_value( componentName='string', componentTypeId='string', entityId='string', selectedProperties=[ 'string', ], workspaceId='string' )

Am getting the error "An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the GetPropertyValue operation: No attributePropertyValueReaderByEntity connector defined for a query within entity : <<entityID>> Am sure am missing something, please guide.

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it seems that the connector you are using does not support get_property_value. You can try if get_property_value_history is working. Not every connector supports necessarily both methods.


answered 21 days ago

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