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Since 24 hours, my site is down with the message "503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!"

My WordPress website And My Cyber Panel Give this message :

" A timeout occurred Error code 524 "

When i try to log into SSH Terminal, i always get "Connection timed out" so I'm out of solution, i did try everything in the documentation, but nothing seen to work, so i conclude that it's server side issue, so I'm out of idea how to get my instance working again and having access to SSH.

  • Have you tried checking the Security groups rules 22 is allowed to your IP ? if post looks good try rebooting the machine, Can i know what causes the site down ?

  • Hey GK, it seem that rebooting the machine multiple time did fix the first part, it did change the ip adress, but i did set up again the web site and CyberPanel Dashboard, that i found that it have Disk Usage 99/100, that i guess is the cause of the site going down, but i still cant have access the SSh , and its very important to fix it if you can.

    Another question if i may, is there a possibility to upgrade Volume size if the instance from 8 to 30.

    thank you in advances.

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Cheking in this website, it seem that port 22 is closed,

answered a year ago

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