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In order to notify gamelift that players are accepted by my server, I have to call AcceptPlayerSession with a player session id. To obtain this player session id, I am using DescribePlayerSessions with the connecting player id as parameter.

1)I am wondering whether DescribePlayerSessions is the prefered method to obtain player session ids. If not do I have other ways?

  1. Am I guaranted that by the time a player connects (which means that flexmatch successfully placed the player), DescribePlayerSessions will actually return the player session id or do I have to periodically poll?

To add some context, I'm using both Gamelift and Flexmatch.

Thanks, Nicolas.

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As far as I understand, I believe the preferred method for this is to have incoming players send their player session ids when trying to connect to/join the server. Then the server will check if it's a valid player session id and accept if it is, or reject the connection if it's not.

Since you're using flexmatch, the clients should be able to get their player session id from the information in the MatchmakingSucceeded notification event that occurs when the players get placed into a match/game session successfully.

answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the answer, makes sense

answered 2 years ago

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