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How to see the Egress Cost



My company is migrating to AWS from On-perm. I'm doing a POC to see what will be my egress cost when all the accounts move from On-perm to AWS.

I have created the existing data model in AWS Redshift and accessing the data through Azure Power BI. I want to see cost while using the import model vs direct query. I have couple of reports in Power BI service pointing to AWS Redshift tables. I couldn't get any decent information from AWS team about how much data is being transferred from AWS to Public internet. I tried cost explorer, Bill sections and didn't find any useful information.

I really appreciate if someone can show me where i can get either data transfer or egress information

Thanks, Miky

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Check out this blog post, I think it will help answer your questions around Cost Explorer/Data Transfer: Using AWS Cost Explorer to analyze data transfer costs. Essentially to find Data Transfer, you will need to look under "Usage Type" and "Usage Type Group".

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answered 10 days ago
  • +1 here; we also have this video that can help learn more about data transfer charges

  • Thank you for responding to my question. I tried the cost explorer and couldn't see any charges. I can see the data flow through VPC flow logs but not in the cost explorer.

  • So you're seeing egress traffic on the VPC Flow logs, but no data transfer usage in Cost Explorer? Can you check under Billing Portal > Bills and see if there's any charges under the Data Transfer section?

  • That's correct. The VPC Flow logs shows the 2 gb as egress and it shows my IP as destination address but I don't see that activity or charge in the cost explorer. There no charge in the Bills section either.

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