AppStream sealing isssue with image joined to AD


I have built a new AppStream image that is joined to Active Directory. When I go to seal the image, I am using a standard domain user for the template and test user as part of the sealing process. Once I deploy the sealed image to the stack, it works fine if I log in with the same domain user to the pool. Any other user gets errors that the recycle bin is corrupted for each user data folder and we can see the path is pointing to the original test user data folders, which obviously another user doesn't have rights to access. It will prompt you with a serious of prompts for each folder and then prompt you for windows credentials, but won't accept them. After clicking cancel the user ends up with a blank desktop. I was not able to find any documentation specifically for sealing images joined to AD. Just what it says in the sealing wizard. I'll try to attach as screenshot.Sample Error message

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