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How do I reset Amazon Sagemaker Studio Lab & wipe all data? ([Errno 28] No space left on device: '). All kernels fail & auto-restart fails.


Sagemaker Studio Lab has stopped working. First, all kernels fail with unknown error and can't restart. OR get stuck in a loop restarting themselves. I am unable to make a new kernel. Second, this error keeps popping up: "Unexpected error while saving file: aws/notebooks/MLA-TAB-DAY3-AUTOML.ipynb [Errno 28] No space left on device: '"

And when checking resources it shows that 100% of storage is used at /hom/studio-lab-user but I am unable to delete any of the files in that directory or the directory itself.

/dev/nvme0n1p1 50G 17G 34G 33% /opt/.sagemakerinternal

/dev/nvme1n1 25G 25G 36K 100% /home/studio-lab-user

How can I just reset the entire Sagemaker Studio Lab profile to default, erase all data that's clogging up storage/memory, and start fresh?

1 Answer

Hello, If you get a notification that your disk space is full while you're attempting to create or import a file, you can delete files to increase space.

To remove all of your files and reset your project, run the following command from the terminal.

rm -rf .

The following command deletes a conda environment from your project.

conda remove --name <ENVIRONMENT_NAME> --all

answered 4 months ago

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