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When will TLS 1.3 be supported for SES Email Receiving?


The security protocols page says:

The Amazon SES HTTPS endpoint supports TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.0

For STARTTLS connections, Amazon SES supports TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.0 and SSLv2Hello


For TLS Wrapper connections, Amazon SES supports TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0

I don't believe this is an issue for receiving emails - I expect most clients are happy to negotiate TLS. I was curious because I noticed that was negotiating TLS 1.3 (cipher TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256). According to Require a secure connection for email:

Google Workspace supports TLS versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

The supported ciphers are also documented.

I've found references to other AWS services supporting TLS 1.3, such as Network Load Balancer now supports TLS 1.3 in October 2021, along with the benefits of that feature.

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answered 2 months ago

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