Tag Specific Volume in a Multi-Volume Launch Template


I have a Launch Template with multiple volumes. I'd like to tag one of the volumes in a specific way so that I can make snapshots solely of this volume via DLM or AWS Backup, is there any way to do that ?

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One way to do this would be to use EventBridge. Configure an EventBridge Rule that matches the launch of your EC2 instance. The Rule would then invoke a Lambda function, written by you, that tags the attached volume according to your desired preferences.

answered 2 years ago

hi, by using AWS Resource Group / Tag Editor s ?

hope it helps !

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi! Thank you for your help. I may not have been accurate enough in my question. I'd like the process to be automatic when the resource is being created. I am trying to achieve a redundant single instance that will run within an ASG spanning multiple AZs.

    One of the EBS shall be persistent among the multiple AZs; to achieve this I want it to be automatically snapshot'ed when created. If an AZ were to go down, the launch template (being updated with the latest snapshot every time a snapshot is taken) would be used to create an instance in the next available AZ. The new EBS in the new AZ should now automatically be the new source of snapshots.

    From what I understand using Tag Editor would be more as a manual procedure. When using a Launch Template I can tag my EBS volumes as a whole, but unfortunately not individually.


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