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GameLift SDK Updates for Unreal 4.26 and Realtime Servers


Today, we updated GameLift’s Server SDK for Unreal Engine v4.26 and GameLift’s Realtime Servers Client SDK to support IL2CPP, a Unity technology for converting C# code to C++ code.

Developers looking to integrate their new games with Unreal 4.26 will now be able to utilize GameLift’s Server SDK with no compatibility issues. Developers utilizing GameLift’s Realtime Servers Client SDK can now build to Unity’s IL2CPP framework.

Release Highlights:

  • Added GameLift Server SDK support for Unreal version 4.26.
  • Added support in the RTS Client SDK for IL2CPP and building the Native libraries as Frameworks, allowing RTS clients to be built for the latest mobile devices.
  • Developers can use DescribePlayerSessions() to get information for a single player session, for all player sessions in a game session, or for all player sessions associated with a single player ID.
  • Developers can use GetInstanceCertificate() to retrieve the file location of a pem-encoded TLS certificate that is associated with the fleet and its instances.
  • The existing C# SDK, version 4.0.2, has been verified compatible with Unity 2020.3. No SDK updates were required.

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