In QuickSight how can I make a table exactly the same width as a pdf report?


I have a table in my QuickSight analysis. The table contains one column and multiple rows with textual data. I have set the table header width to match the analysis editor width, which unfortunately is dependent on the screen width. Now I want like to make a pdf-report out of my analysis.

The problem is that currently the table in the pdf-report is only 2/3 of the pdf width. I would like that the table width would match exactly the pdf width. Is there any easy way on how I can get the table width to match the pdf width? E.g. is there a way to define the graph heights and widths with a pixel value?

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to define a pixel perfect report or visual, please, review the free form feautre as in dept describe in the blog post "Create stunning, pixel perfect dashboards with the new free-form layout mode in Amazon QuickSight".

Also, for QuickSight related questions we have launched a fully dedicated community; in case you want to check there to see if there are further answer to your questions.

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answered 2 years ago

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