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Sudoers file not reflect changes


Hi, I used detached the old disk, changed sudoers file and added NOPASSWD: Then reactched to the old instance. When I login from putty, it still ask me for newuser password WHICH I know it and got refused ssying not in sudoers that I added it. I added in sudoers before the last @includedir newuser ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL I also tried add it in /etc/sudoers.d And NOPASSWD: for other users, when I tried to swtich to root: su root, it says AUTHENTICATION FAILED.

I checked /etc/passwd and shadow files in the old disk, it's correct: newuser:x:1001:1001:old,1,323,323,user:/home/newuser:/bin/bash newuser:$6$/<redacted>

Please help with this AWS EC2 rediculous problem.


1 Answers

It might nott be the cause but sudo will refuse to load any instructions from sudoers file if the syntax is not correct. Double check the syntax or use visudo, this might not be possible in your case as you're editing the file from a non standard path.

answered 7 months ago

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