Creating an SNS Topic Resource by CF Template Not Working


Really strange error I'm running into today when trying to create an SNS Topic with subscription as a part of our CloudFormation Stack. When I deploy my CF template to create the SNS resource the TopicArn property that is generated is coming out with URL encoded characters so all of the colons are replaced with their URL percent encoding and I get the following error when I navigate to the Topic:

Couldn't retrieve topic attributes.
Error code: InvalidParameter - Error message: Invalid parameter: TopicArn Reason: An ARN must have at least 6 elements, not 1

It doesn't matter if I try to give the SNS Topic a TopicName or let it generate the name. I get the same problem. The stack creates successfully with no errors but the Topic shows the error.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Well I figured out what the problem was. The SNS Topic resource was actually creating just fine. I could actually find the working one if I manually searched for it in the SNS console page. My problem is I was trying to open resource from the CloudFormation stack. Clicking on the link it gives you in Resources tab in the stack was URL encoding the link. Oops.

answered 4 years ago

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