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Codebuild Action Configurator 1000 Character limit


Is there a best practice workaround for the Codebuild Action Configurator 1000 Character limit? Ref: The customer has hit an obscure error with CodeBuild Action Configuration blocks for defining environment variables.

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Hi Kawhik,

Do you have some sample of such configuration?

In general CodePipeline actions are only meant to transport dynamic values from pipeline runtime. You can off-load as much static configuration as possible to CodeBuild project setup itself and just specify overrides in CodePipeline action (eg. define most environment variables in buildspec/project definition and then only pass extra values via pipeline).

Another way is (as usual in case of passing large chunks between AWS services) to upload some big results into S3 and then load them in CodeBuild project at run-time.

Also, if the limit is hit by just some margin you have to remember that it's literally about characters count - dropping whitespace characters can help you pack more.

But still - would be good to see example.

answered 8 months ago

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