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I recently created a zero-spend budget and don't have any services outside of the free tier services. I'm being charged for a KMS key that I don't have or ever created. How do I dispute this?

  • Are you referring to the $1/month charge for a KMS Key? Can you show us the exact wording on the Bill? Also, please let us know where/how have you searched to confirm that you don't have the key.

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If you have a billing dispute, please contact AWS Support by opening a case under "Account and billing".

For questions about your AWS bills or to appeal your charges, contact AWS Support to address your inquiries immediately. To get help, see Getting help with AWS Billing. To understand your bills page contents, see Using the Bills page to understand your monthly charges and invoice.

I don't have or ever created. How do I dispute this?

As a precaution, we recommend checking the KMS keys in all regions to see if there are any keys other than those managed by AWS.

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  • Thanks for your answer. I had created it in a different region. AWS is tricky to learn but I'm learning. Thanks!

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