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Get state of connection with AWS IoT in Greengrass component.


How can I get status of connection with the cloud in a custom Greengrass component?

asked 8 months ago54 views
3 Answers

another option is to send a message to a ping/request topic to iot-core and have a lambda send a reply to the originator on a ping/response topic. i know..not a great solution, but at least you know within a configurable time that you've lost connection

answered 8 months ago
  • I did similar solution. My component posts to a ping topic and subscribe to it at the same time. I the component doesn't get its messages I know that we lose the internet connection.


Hi Oleksandr,

There is no official way to get the MQTT connection state in a component, though if you visit us on Github we'd be more than happy to have a technical discussion with you on that.

One configuration knob that may be interesting to you is the keepQos0WhenOffline configuration option which can instruct Nucleus to drop QoS 0 MQTT messages if it is disconnected. While this doesn't directly address your question, there are a number of scenarios where it doesn't make sense to buffer messages to be sent at a later time.

Thanks, -joe

answered 8 months ago

Thanks for answering
The keepQos0WhenOffline is a good parameter and can be used in some cases. In my case, I need to indicate status of the connection on the led indicator.
So I think it will be easier to check only the internet connection.

answered 8 months ago

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