My domain is still unresolvable


Hi, I'm newby with Route 53 and I'm wondering why my domain is still unresolvable.

Here are the name servers set to my domain on Route 53: Name servers

Here are the records for hosted zones: A Simple No 600 NS Simple No 172800 NS Simple No 172800 NS Simple No 172800 NS Simple No 172800 SOA Simple No 1 7200 900 1209600 86400 900 A Simple No 600 A Simple No 600

I precise that IP is a public IP attached to my Lightsail Instance.

I reseted all records this morning, but I'm not very confident in the fact that could solve my DNS issue.

Many tahnks for your help and advises.

  • I see its working now..

  • Hi Farid, please remove those nameservers, records, IP, domain-name, etc details from this post because they are pieces of information specific to your resources that are better to not share publicly.

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your reply! It's working now.

But I added subdomain few hours ago inside the domain zone but I have no results when I check DNS resolution...

Should I create a new zone for this subdomain?

answered a year ago
  • Is it a new subdomain or a simple A record or CNAME?

    Do you want records such as ?

  • Yes, you will need a sub domain created in Route53 and also create NS records in the route domain pointing to the NS records of your subdomain


I checked your domain on Whois and your name servers are not correct. Your domain record needs the name servers updating to match the NS records in your route53 zone. Update the GLUE records as per

Also ensure your route53 zone is public and not private

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answered a year ago

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