How to replicate the cloudwatch logs from one region to other region


How to move all of my cloudwatch log groups from one region to another region within the same account

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You could maybe do this by creating a subscription filter with a Lambda function to push the logs from each log group in one region to the other, but this would increase the costs for CloudWatch.

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answered 3 months ago
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reviewed a month ago

What is the purpose of copying/moving CW logs to another region? Do you need it one time or on recurring basis? There are multiple options. Which one is better depends on your use case details. At a minimum, I assume you're not looking for cross-region access, rather you want to physically transfer logs to another region.

Not knowing use case details, you could consider 1/ exporting CW logs to S3 bucket in another region: 2/ subscriptions

answered 3 months ago

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