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/setup 1-box stage in lambda ci-cd pipeline/

setup 1-box stage in lambda ci-cd pipeline


One box stage in CICD pipeline is a stage before production stage. This stage also will receive the production traffic. The goal of this stage is to validate the new changes with very small prod traffic and keep the blast radius to minimal incase of issues.

In server based deployment, this stage will contain only 1 machine to receive very small % of traffic. The code changes will be deployed to 1-box stage before production and leave it for some time to validate the behaviour of new change. If there is an issue in 1-box stage with the new code, the blast radius will be minimal and roll back is faster since the changes are deployed in only one machine.

It is explained in "Backward compatibility and one-box testing" topic in this link -

How do we setup the same in lambda ci-cd ? Any leads on this will be super helpful.

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With Lambda you don't really have boxes, however, you can easily route a small percentage of your traffic to a new version and later increase that percentage all the way to 100% or decrease it to 0%. You can do this using Alias routing configuration. CodeDeploy supports different traffic shifting options.

answered 18 days ago

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