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/Where are e-mail notifications configured for AWS Certificate Manager expirations?/

Where are e-mail notifications configured for AWS Certificate Manager expirations?


We have recently received an e-mail notification for the upcoming renewal of some certificates, and are looking into changing the e-mail address configured to receive such notifications. I've tried to find where the e-mail recipient is configured in ACM and SNS, but doesn't seem to be there.

Does anyone know where is e-mail configured to receive these messages?

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Hi Tedi, I understand you want to change your email where you receive your certificate notifications. You can subscribe an email address to an Amazon SNS topic to receive notifications, guided steps are provided in the documentation [1]. Use your registrar's website to associate your contact addresses with your domain name. You can configure your email address for ACM with the provided documentation [1]. In addition I provided an email validation document with all details on when notifications are sent out prior to certificate expiring [2].




answered 13 days ago
  • Thanks for your answer @Lwazi.

    The problem is that we are currently receiving certificate renewal notices into an e-mail address, and we want to change these to be sent to a different e-mail.

    The certificate was created in ACS using DNS validation (not e-mail validation), and the whois information have different e-mail details for all contacts, and not the address where the notifications are being received.

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