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Set default timezone for Amazon WorkMail


When administering an Amazon WorkMail Organization, there is no method I can discern from documents, google searches nor forums as to the process for having the ActiveSync/Exchange/WorkMail Calendar Timezone be set by the administrator nor the User. This is affecting multiple clients I administer who are seeking to have their local-to-timezone business have a default setting.

I'm seeking any information or process I can follow to set a default timezone for all calendar events as an admin, as well as one I can provide to end-users to set their local timezone by default.

  • While the recipient should be able to enforce the timezone on their side. Clients of certain age or "why can't it be easy" mentality find this to be deal breakers and as such I've lost more than one account due to this problem.

    "I should be able to just hit save for the appointment and it picks up the timezone from my device" was the intent. However in practice, timezone was pulled by the server and setting in GMT+0 instead of being able to set the timezone from the server for the client and letting those who are comfortable change the zone.

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Thank you for your interest in WorkMail. Currently there is no administration option to force a time zone. The timezone for meetings and the calendar will be taken from the client device. This is intentional behavior to show the meeting at the correct time for the user/device’s local time zone.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 9 months ago
  • Unfortunately, this tends to cause issues for smaller customers/clients who aren't using other timezones and dealing with a local area. While the goal is always to be global, this is a basic function that should be a tag-enforcable or even a server-side enforceable action.

    This is a deal breaker for my client and as such I've had to close their WorkMail integration.

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