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AWS RDS Custom SQL Server Incompatible-create


I have created a RDS Custom SQL Server instance. But after waiting for a long time, the status of instance change to 'Incompaible-create'. And there is one record in the Recent event: 'You can't create the DB instance because of incompatible resources. Workflow step ValidateInstanceProfile reached timeout: 600 seconds'. How can I fix this error status? Thx

  • And there is an AccessDenied error in CloudTrial, event name is PutTargets Error Message is : User: arn:aws:sts::xxxxxxxxx:assumed-role/AWSServiceRoleForRDSCustom/SLRManagement is not authorized to perform: events:PutTargets on resource: arn:aws:events:us-east-2:xxxxxxxxx:rule/do-not-delete-rds-custom-db-KXBOWMDX2LBPGHYDTJQHC7PJD4-xxxxxx because no identity-based policy allows the events:PutTargets action. Is it the root cause for this issue?

asked 6 months ago89 views
2 Answers

I have encountered similar situations while creating RDS Custom for Oracle. I found starting/restarting the base ec2 instances clearing up this problem usually. I would hence suggest you check the status of the base ec2 instances.

answered 6 months ago
  • Thanks Govardhanan, but when the RDS Custom status change to Incompaible-create, I can`t find the EC2 instance which is created by RDS Custom anymore...


There are few areas to check on this issue:

  1. Follow official doc to make sure your VPC and IAM created per requirements.

  2. Select correct VPC , Subnet Group and instance profile during the DB Creation

  3. Check security group, if Security Group used by RDS is not same as default security groups (the one associated with VPC endpoints), make sure necessary file ports open
answered 6 months ago

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